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About Company

ALLSTAR PROD Ltd, privately owned Romanian company, mainly specialising in production, was set up in 1994. Due to the dynamic perception of economic life, in 1997, the management set up a sister company: MURI BENZ OIL.

Though this company is different – gas station, auto parts store, bar, restaurant, motel, service, car wash – there is a link between the two companies: the quality of services and products, personnel competence and client needs’ satisfaction. All these come together to form what today is known in the business world under the name of MBO.

A recognition and proof of the quality provide is the certification according to ISO 9001/2000.

Production stands for over 60% of the volume of business, of which 50% is destined for export. Mechanical processing is the major component of the firm’s activity. There are more than 190 parts and sub-assemblies. Carbon steel parts, stainless steel parts and special steel parts are produced for drilling and mining equipment, construction industry, spare parts for cars and fixtures as well as parts for sub-assemblies for external beneficiaries. Beside serial production we take orders for beneficiaries and/or natural persons. We ensure repair procedures for equipment and fixtures in the field of mining and extraction, textile industry, agriculture, constructions.
Upon clients’ requests we can produce any parts or sub-assemblies.
Our staff is made of specialists prepared to solve any problem in the field of mechanical processing and metallic structures. Computer processing of drawings and technical documentation ensures exactness and speed in response to requirements.

"The Client has feelings and reactions, needs and desires, we come out to meet them"

Though distinct entities, the first company specialises in mechanical processing and carpentry and the second focusing on sales, what brings them closer is the quality of services and products on the offer, the promptness to satisfy customer needs and the competence of the hired personnel. All these characteristics define what is known as MBO. This name is well known and has earned distictions:
- Third place in the county in 1996, S.C. ALLSTAR PROD S.R.L;
- Third place in the county in 1997, S.C. ALLSTAR PROD S.R.L;
- First place in the county in 1998, S.C. ALLSTAR PROD S.R.L.;
- First place in the country in 1999, S.C. ALLSTAR PROD S.R.L.;
- First place in the country in 2000, S.C. MURI BENZ OIL S.R.L.;

For the obtained economic results, in 2000, THE RISING STAR FOUNDATION in the UK awarded ALLSTAR PROD S.R.L. their prize, for business excellency, prize worth USD 5000,  sponsored by THE MARGARET THATCHER FOUNDATION and handed to General Manager, Mircea Mureşan by Romanian President, mr. Emil Constantinescu.


More than 50 % of activities is in production. Commerce with fuels and car parts has an important place in our activity (about 40% ) due to the placement of commercial room on E60 and not least because of the quality of the products and services offered.

Beside the activities already mentioned, we offer other services such as: bar, restaurant, motel, and car service.

Policies of quality, health and labor safety

Integrated management politics S.C. Allstar PROD Ltd.
530-01 rev.2

           Our organization has developed an Integrated Management System to ensure a good reputation of our organization in the construction and repair of Allstar PROD with regard to quality, environmental (potentially complex impact on air pollution, water, soil and consumption of resources) , occupational health and safety, thus fully satisfying the needs and demands of all stakeholders, and compliance with legal requirements and other requirements applicable.
Handbook of Integrated Management System and all required documents are specific to all staff, our goal is to conduct a quality, to establish responsibility for the environment, to continuously improve the safety of workplaces and environmental performance. Management of our organization to engage all personnel involved directly or indirectly to the production process to achieve quality products, respecting the environment and safety at work, and to meet compliance targets set in the Integrated Management System.
As CEO, I will make every effort to assure the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System, pollution prevention, continuous improvement of health conditions and safety at work.
To ensure implementation of appropriate processes to ensure customer requirements, environmental protection, health and safety at work and the objectives of the integrated system to be achieved, management at the highest level is committed to regularly review the management system.
    1.Obiective in quality management:
      1.1 Maintain and develop SMI and continue improving it.
      1.2 Ensure the requirements and meet customer expectations through timely provision of quality products and services.
      1.3 Training and motivation of employees involved in and responsible for achieving quality conscious.
    2.Obiectivele and environmental targets will be set and reviewed periodically, ensuring that purpose in the organizational need.
    3.Obiective in management safety and health:
      3.1 The risk associated activities whenever changes occur in processes, practices and resources.
      3.2 Training, training and upgrading employees in connection with the tasks of work and the risks to which they are exposed.
      3.3 Improvement of the level of security at the workplace through measures that take into account the general principles of prevention.
      3.4 Training of responsibility towards their employees health and safety.

      This statement of policy and environmental quality is available to the public by displaying the entry of premises and access www.allstar.ro, communicated and understood by all employees is reviewed and updated periodically by management..

             General Manager: Mircea Muresan