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Allstar Prod Ltd.
Str. 8 Martie / Nr. 36A / 540229
Târgu Mureş / Mureş / România
Tel. : (+40) 265-253 354
Fax : (+40) 265-253 354
E-mail : office@allstar.ro

ALLSTAR PROD Ltd, privately owned Romanian company, mainly specialising in production, was set up in 1994. Due to the dynamic perception of economic life, in 1997, the management set up a sister company: MURI BENZ OIL.

Though this company is different – gas station, auto parts store, bar, restaurant, motel, service, car wash – there is a link between the two companies: the quality of services and products, personnel competence and client needs’ satisfaction.

All these come together to form what today is known in the business world under the name of MBO. A recognition and proof of the quality provide is the certification according to ISO 9001/2000.

Certificates and Awards
Performance is a main issue of concern as regards quality of services, performance in health and labor safety. These are preoccupations both for the management and employees and stand as principles at the basis of all activities.